The Journey is a demonstration of what happens during a drunk driving accident. The Journey, by far, has the most profound impact on it’s audience of any public awareness campaign that JCAS does. Four teenagers are in a motor vehicle accident with alcohol involved. A mock accident is held each spring in the week prior to prom for audiences of local high school students. All of the high school students are involved in the assembly, which is performed on a rotating basis in the area schools. Each school hosts the Journey Unknown once every other year. The Journey Unknown is coordinated by JCAS Field Supervisor Bob Libby.

The Safe Kids Johnson County Coalition exists to eliminate accidental injury and death to chlidren ages 14 and under in and around Johnson County.

The Safe Kids Johnson County coalition community involement includes bike rodeos, discounted bike helmets, car seat safety checks/replacements, participation in Safety Village, health and safety fairs.

Action groups include bike safety, car seat safety, fire and burn safety, water safety, playground safety and unsupervised sports, ATV and farm safety. If you would like to become a member feel free to contact a member of the steering committee (see below) or call Mercy's Community Relations Department at 339-3658.

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