Welcome to the Johnson County Emergency Medical Services Association

Supporting Emergency Medical responders through training, education, continuous quality assurance, and cooperation

Mission Statement

Representing all agencies providing emergency medical services (EMS) within Johnson County Iowa, the Johnson County Emergency Medical Services Association (JCEMSA) exists to secure funding to provide EMS training and education, continuous quality improvement, and medical direction while promoting cooperation between EMS agencies and our law enforcement and hospital partners.

Vision Statement

In the event of a medical emergency residents and visitors to Johnson County Iowa can be assured that dedicated EMS providers are prepared to deliver the highest quality patient care with the most up to date training and education available while being treated with compassion and respect.

Values Statement

Johnson County Emergency Medical Services Association (JCEMSA) completes its mission by strictly adhering to these core values.
  • Respect: A patient’s cultural and religious wishes will be respected and followed whenever possible.
  • Integrity: JCEMSA Members are dedicated to serving their communities while adhering to legal, moral and ethical practices. 
  • Compassion: JCEMSA Members are guided by a strong desire to alleviate pain and suffering while supporting patients and their families
  • Professionalism: JCEMSA Members utilize the most up to date patient care practices and protocols.
  • Teamwork: JCEMSA members act in a cooperative and coordinated fashion to benefit their communities and neighbors.

All area residents are welcome to join us online by becoming a member of JCEMSA.ORG and are also welcome to participate at quarterly meetings and most conferences and training opportunities. Check our calendar frequently for upcoming events from JCEMSA and Local Agencies as they arrise and become a member to automatically be added to the email list.


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